About Us

About Us

AI-HANKAO  is a joint venture between the Ministry of Education China, Advice International, and Chinese Testing Institute Official to make first-year language learning facilities accessible for all in their home country, at a much cheaper cost along with expert and class-leading teaching facilities that guarantees our pupil’s exceptional passing rates. In wake of China’s aggressive policy shifts to globally promote Chinese Language, It has become mandatory for students of all fields and courses to first pass their HSK (Chinese language) exams after a year of language studies before continuing on with their main courses, and that’s where we step in! Through our direct affiliations with multiple Govt. organizations along with the most reputable universities of China, we provide the same in Pakistan itself which ultimately reduces the cost and expenses for students and shelters them from many problems and scams first-year students face in China all while exceptionally equipping them to ace their respective HSK levels in pursuit of their ambitious dreams.

Our Vision

We at AI-Hankao are keen to nurture and promote talents scattered in the depths of our country and to make quality education accessible for students from all standards of life. We are pioneers at making the exceptional dreams of our youth come true and excel at providing excellent career-defining options to our students to pursue their dreams in China, the world leader in Medicine, Education, Business, Engineering, Sciences, and much more. We are highly determined to provide exceptional, life-defining options to our students and are well known for constantly remaining accessible for our students throughout their entire study period in China.

Our formula for success

We and our partners at the Ministry of Education, China are highly determined to provide our students with the best of education facilities in the most convenient way possible, which is by revolutionizing the structure of international studies in China. The goal of which is for students to complete their language studies in their home country, so they can proceed with their relevant courses in China completely Stress and hassle-free. We strive to make their stay with us as pleasant and memorable as humanely possible. We as an institute don’t just teach but also hold fun and exciting extracurricular activities and competitions to keep the thrill levels and spirits of the students high, and act as the best pathway to great career-building opportunities ahead.


A bright student is often only as bright as the opportunities he gets, but that’s not the case as long as we are involved! We and our partners firmly believe in providing equally great education to all regardless of their financial backgrounds and we strive to reward the best-est of our students in every way that we can. The top-scoring students at our institute enjoy the possibilities of multiple scholarship opportunities for their entire stay in China, along with various other beneficial opportunities.