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AI-HANKAO  is a joint venture between the Ministry of Education China, Advice International, and Chinese Testing Institute Official to make first-year language learning facilities accessible for all in their home country, at a much cheaper cost along with expert and class-leading teaching facilities that guarantees our pupil’s exceptional passing rates. In wake of China’s aggressive policy shifts to globally promote Chinese Language, It has become mandatory for students of all fields and courses to first pass their HSK (Chinese language) exams after a year of language studies before continuing on with their main courses…..

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How to register for HSK and HSKK?

Log into the website

Signing up. Please provide necessary personal information including e-mail address, nationality, mother language, birth date and so on.

Test registration

Please select test center and date, complete your personal information , upload ID photo and finally confirm your registration information.

Fulfill the payment.

For paper-based Test, payment should be fulfilled at least 27 days ahead of the test date, otherwise the test registration will not be valid.

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